Which gown to choose?


There are different types of material on the gown market. Rather resistant, with a plastic touch, a good isolation or a good permeability. Each of them has its own specificities.  At XML MED we make it a point of honor to provide you with the best appropriate material, in line with your sector of activity. 

We have decided to focus on three different materials for our gowns, Polypropylene, SMS and S2. 

● Polypropylene (PP) is a hypoallergenic and latex free material, is breathable and above all very comfortable. 

● Spunbound + Meltblow + Spunbound (SMS) provides extra strength avoiding any risk of rupture or tearing. 

● XML MED also offers a third material called S2, which is actually an equivalent of SMS. 

Depending on your professional activity, we recommend and advise you on the choice of your gowns. It is important to know that these gown can be sterile and non-sterile, but also medical and non-medical. Every company has the responsibility to choose the right gowns for her employees. 


Which gown should be used in the medical sector?  

We offer four gowns for the medical sector. 

The disposable gown in SMS 50gr  This disposable, single-use protective gown is waterproof, comfortable and completely breathable. Thanks to its SMS fabric, this gown protects you from contamination by wet bacteria, solid particles and contaminated liquids. 

The sterile surgical gown in SMS 35gr  This gown has been designed for medical staff but also for patients. This type of sterile surgical gown is effective against contamination, while remaining comfortable to work in the best conditions. 

The sterile surgical gown reinforced in SMS 35gr. This gown has the same advantages and characteristics as the sterilized surgical gown. It comes with a reinforced inside and offers even more protection. 

The protective gown in PP 35gr This gown has been designed for medical staff. It offers you a breathable comfort. Its waterproofness makes it resistant to the penetration of wet bacteria, solid particles or contaminated liquids. It has jersey sleeves and ties at waist and neck. 

Which gown is best for in the food sector?  

Disposable gown in PP 30gr. This gown is perfectly suited for interventions with a low risk of liquid contamination. Non-sterile and single-use, this gown will ensure good protection. 

Disposable gown in S2 50gr.  This gown is non-sterile and single-use. It ensures optimal protection throughout. 

It is important to define the usage of your gowns, in order to define the one that will suit you best.  We always remain available for further information you should need about our gowns as well as all our other products.